• Welcome to Plasma Warriors!

    Welcome to Plasma Warriors Cadets! This army will grow strong and we have big allies and we are epic because we are plasma(we can freeze,burn,and stuff goes thru us). PWCP was made mainly for fun and entertainment. if we lose a battle we just get back up,train,then fight the same enemy again until we beat them. We are still under construction but when we are done we will look EPIC and be epic. And plasma is energy so we never get tired. Power,energy,and bravery courses thru our veins. Have fun and be strong cadet. Also be active.

    ~Miltonius AKA Greeny2250(leader)

  • Club Penguin

    Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!
  • PW Banner

  • Epical CP GFX

  • Mini City

    Help PW's Mini City grow



  1. No cussing
  2. What happens in chat stays in chat O_O
  3. If someone is private chatting you about another army tell a moderator or owner please.
  4. No flooding
  5. No smiley spamming(4 or more smileys is smiley spamming)
  6. Have fun!


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